There are different reasons why the under eyes dark circles can appear: lack of vitamins, water or sleep, for example.
Often, trying to get rid of this uncomfortable problem, we use concealers, correctors and foundation, which can only temporarily hide them.
Let me share with you top 10 different ways to get rid of under eyes circles.

1) Cucumber.
It’s very easy to find this watery vegetable in the supermarket during any season of the year.
Apply thin circles of cucumber over your eyes (you can also apply a cucumber paste instead) and keep it on for 10 minutes, then, rinse off with cold water. Not only cucumber has big amount of the “water of life” which will help to hydrate and tone your skin, but also cucumber can whiten the eye area, so that you can say good bye to the dark circles permanently.

2) Potato.
You can use a potato circles for the same purpose (or mix a cucumber and a potato paste together). Use it applying the same principle as described above. This treatment is all natural and very effective in treating under eyes dark circles.

3) Silver spoon.
Yes, silver teaspoon is not only a good kitchen’s accessory. You can use it to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. Put a silver spoon into your fridge for 3 minutes and then touch your eye area with it (yes, only a gentle touch, no squeezing or pressing). The cold of it will tone the skin under your eyes and the silver metal will help to get rid of under eyes circles.

4) Ice cubes.
You can use simple ice cubes to treat the same problem. Ideally, it’s better to prepare ice cubes yourself using green or camomile tea, for example. Camomile has calming properties, the ice will tone the skin around your eyes and reduce under eyes dark circles and puffiness.

5) Cooled tea bags.
After you had a pleasant cup of tea (green tea for example), you can use your tea bags to fight under eyes circles.
Cool tea bags down (you can put them in the fridge for 3 minutes). This treatment can help a lot in revitalising the area under your eyes. Apply a tea compress on the under eyes area for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water, it can help to reduce swelling and discolouration under your eyes.

6) Milk and white bread.
Milk contains fat and proteins which are perfect for moisturising the skin. Mix milk with white bread and apply this paste daily on the area under your eyes for 5 minutes. This substance will smooth and tone the skin and will help to get rid of under eyes circles.

7) Rose water.
Rose water is an excellent helper in reducing dark circles around your eyes. Soak cotton swabs in a cool rose water and apply on the under eye area for 15 minutes, no need to wash it afterwards.

8) Almond oil.
Massage Almond oil unto the under eye area prior to going to sleep every night for 2 weeks. This will help to nourish the skin and the massage will help circulation, thus the under eyes dark circles must diminish.

9) Crushed mint.
Fresh mint leaves can greatly help in remedying the circles around your eyes. Apply crushed mint leaves around your eye area for 5 minutes and then wash up with cold water. Mint has a cooling effect which immediately soothes the under eye area and, doing this regularly, can reduce dark circles.

10) Say good-bye to bad habits.
Smoking not only can cause under eyes circles, but also, premature ageing. The same concerns excessive consumption of alcohol. If you want to say good bye to under eyes circles forever, you need to get rid of those two bad habits and then, you will see an improvement.
Important to remember that in order to have no under eyes dark circles you need to have a good 8 hours sleep regularly, drink plenty of water and eat healthy.
Please, share your tips with me about how you get rid of under eye circles in the comments section.
Stay beautiful!


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